Opera Turns-In Opera Mini To The App Store Review Group

On the Mac, I don’t use Opera’s browser. I use Safari myself. But you have to admire Opera’s “Chutzpah”. Not only have they made and submitted a browser to the iPhone app store that has no chance in hell of getting approved. They are drawing a line in the sand and daring Apple to cross it. This has never worked for anyone going up against Apple in the past. “At least not publicly.” But maybe Opera believes that this could be the time it does.

Opera your so full of wonderment.

Perhaps you think that with the FTC looking into the Google Voice App rejection or infinite evaluation process. You think that it may now be your chance.

It isn’t.

Not because you don’t make a good browser. It’s because your not Google.

Check out the story at macappers and the Opera Mini’s Demo Video below.