Retro Apple Wall Art

This is a Apple logo in my home office. Tim Spinosi “The artist” put the original grey logo on the wall. Tim has done a lot of deck art, “The bottom of skate boards” in recent years. So he wanted to redo my wall art in the same style, using Apple’s rainbow logo colors.

I recorded the works progress with photos and decided to post them.

Apple Wall Art
Apple Wall Art - This was put up by Tim. When I moved into the house. He never liked it so he's come to redo it. BTW the white outline is tape.

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Apple throws Adobe a bone — on the Mac

Apple throws Adobe a bone — on the Mac

Adobe’s Flash Player has never performed as well in Mac OS X as it does on Windows-running PCs. The traditionally poor performance of Adobe’s plugin on the Mac has led many iPhone and iPad users to support Apple’s decision to keep Flash off of its mobile devices. While the upcoming Flash 10.1 does boast some significant performance improvements over its predecessors, the performance is still pretty terrible compared to h.264, which has access to hardware-accelerated video decoding via the GPUs in Macs.

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