List of Coda Keyboard Shortcuts

While looking for Applescript documentation for Coda in the Coda help docs I came across the keyboard shortcuts for Coda. I don’t know why I never looked there before and figured I would post it for others like myself who didn’t think of looking there.


Hide Coda ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Preferences… ⌘,
Quit Coda ⌘Q


Balance ⌘B
Beginning of Line ⌘←
Bigger Font ⌘+
Blockedit Selection ⇧⌘B
Check Spelling ⌘;
Clear Change Marks ⌥⌘M
Close Tag ⌥⌘.
Copy ⌘C
Cut ⌘X
End of Line ⌘→
Find (in current document) ⌘F
Find & Replace ^⌘G
Find in Files… ^⌘F
Find Next ⌘G
Find Previous ⇧⌘G
Go To Line Number… ⇧⌘L
Hide Find Banner ⇧⌘F
Jump to Selection ⌘J
Look Up Selected Word in Reference Books ⌘’
Next Change (in shared document) ⌥⌘C
Next Symbol ⌘D
Next Word ⌥→
Paste ⌘V
Preview in Default External Browser ⌥⌘B
Previous Change (in shared document) ⌥⇧⌘C
Previous Symbol ⇧⌘D
Previous Word ⌥←
Redo ⇧⌘Z
Search Files… ⌥⌘F
Select All ⌘A
Shift Left ⌘[
Shift Right ⌘]
Show Colors ⇧⌘C
Show Fonts ⇧⌘T
Show Invisible Characters ⌥⌘I
Show Line Numbers ⌥⌘L
Show Spelling and Grammar ⌘:
Show Validation Errors ⌥⌘V
Smaller Font ⌘-
Special Characters… ⌥⌘T
Split Document ^⌘L
Undo ⌘Z
Use Selection for Find ⌘E
Use Selection for Replace ⌥⌘E
Un/Comment Selection ⌘/
Wrap Lines (toggle) ⌥⌘W
View Source ⌥⌘U


Back ⌥⌘←
Close File ⌘W
Close Window (and all of its tabs) ⇧⌘W
Delete… ⌘⌫
Forward ⌥⌘→
Get Info ⌘I
Go To Folder… ⌥⌘G
Hide/Show File Browser ^⌘B
New Folder ⇧⌘N
New File ⌥⌘N
New File (of default type) ⌘N
New Split ^⌘S
New Tab ⌘T
New Window ^⌘N
Open… ⌘O
Page Setup… ⇧⌘P
Parent ⌥⌘↑
Print… ⌘P
Publish ⌥⌘P
Reload ⌘R
Save ⌘S
Save As… ⇧⌘S
Set Shared Access To Read/Write ^⌘A
Set Shared Access To Read Only ⌥⌘A
Share via Bonjour ⇧⌘E


Books ⌘6
CSS Editor ⌘4
Preview ⌘3
Sites ⌘1
Terminal ⌘5
Text Editor ⌘2


Go To Location ⌘L
Reload ⌘R


Add Site… ⇧⌘A
Connect to Server… (without using Sites) ⌘K
Publish to Server (locally changed files) ^⌘P

Source Control

Commit ⇧⌘M
Refresh ⇧⌘R
Update ⇧⌘U


Clips ^⌘C
Minimize ⌘M
Next Tab ⌘}
Previous Tab ⌘{
Transcript ^⌘T

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