Oops! Apple didn’t invent the iPod!

Well this article should have set the Appleverse on it’s ear. But I’ve heard nothing about it anywhere. They have the man’s drawings that Apple used in court to defend itself in another case. Someone at the mothership “got some splaining to do!

Apple admits Briton DID invent iPod, but he’s still not getting any money

(Via dailymail.co.uk Click Here.)

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  1. The man drew a picture and came up with a concept. But he did not invent the iPod. He invented the idea of a music player (note Sony might have something to say about it too), and it’s not even that close to an iPod as far as controls. He did obviously not create the internals. So he did not invent the iPod.

    He was paid a consultancy fee by Apple to testify. But they portray him a s a poor schmuck who can’t afford a house. It’s sad that he couldn’t get his company off the ground and his patents expired. But Saying he invented the iPod based on a drawing is like saying a kid invented space flight because he drew rocket ships in the second grade.

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