Google learns to crawl Flash

Oh Glorious Day! The geniuses at google have finally figured out how to crawl flash content. What does this mean?? It means that all those flash sites out there that have low google rankings because their text information could not be crawled and indexed. Will now take there place as first class netizens. Here is a article blurb from the google blog.

Google has been developing a new algorithm for indexing textual content in Flash files of all kinds, from Flash menus, buttons and banners, to self-contained Flash websites. Recently, we’ve improved the performance of this Flash indexing algorithm by integrating Adobe’s Flash Player technology.

To read the whole post. Click Here.

One Reply to “Google learns to crawl Flash”

  1. Blah.. just what we need more reason to publish websites in an opaque, non standards compliant, non user friendly, glitz over usability style over substance technology.


    Can’t wait.

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