EFiX Talks About its Hackless Hackintosh

MacLife.com has a nice article on the EFiX. The EFiX is a dongle solution that allows you to turn that PC at home into a hackintosh!

For as long as Mac devotees have been flaunting desktop superiority over their Windows counterparts, users on both sides of the fence have clamored for a way to install Mac OS X on a PC. On Monday, the wait may be over.

Dubbed “the best solution for running Mac OS X on PCs” and consisting of a device that is “neither a memory stick nor a thumb drive,” EFiX allows non-Mac users “to install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD without having to worry about patches, replacing files and anything like that” is poised to free the PC world from the shackles of Vista.

Unfortunately, you won’t find one in any U.S. store. But the idea is intriguing nonetheless.

Looks like I’ll be scouting e-bay for this one.

Check out the article at MacLife.com

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