Solving Time Machines short comings – Time Machine Scheduler 2.2

With the introduction of Time Machine. Apple has introduced a solution for one of my worst computer habits. Not doing regular backups. Time Machines hourly backup schedule would be great if I owned a 10 terabyte hard drive or Drobo which is pretty much the same thing.

32 Gigs is a lot of space. That is how much data I have on my 80 gig internal drive. Now multiply that by twelve every day. “Brad whips out calculator.” 384 gigs, I can multiple see public schools are good for something. So that is how many copies you will have in your backup directory. Ok that is just plain crazy and wasteful. Can someone say “Throwing the Hard Drive industry a bone?”

Time_Machine_Scheduler_icon.jpg I found this little app called Time Machine Scheduler 2.2 It solves many of time machines problems. Like being able to Schedule how often Time machine makes backups. I have mine set for every twelve hours. I just don’t need twelve backups a day.


Time Machine Schedulers simple interface

You can download Time Machine Scheduler 2.2 from
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2 Replies to “Solving Time Machines short comings – Time Machine Scheduler 2.2”

  1. You do know that Time Machine doesn’t do full backups each time, right? A full backup of my 1 TB drive takes a couple days! But current hourly backups do take a few minutes. It uses Spotlight’s index to know what’s changed.

  2. Thanks for your response Eric.

    I only have time machine doing backups of my 80gig internal drive and comparing three folders “after your comment posting of course” all written on the same day. Each was at least 47 gigs. When Time Machine was doing hourly backups I had a hard drive full of 40 gig folders all for one day. For me that was overkill. So I used Time Machine Scheduler and now I only have two folders a day.

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