6 Places that Flash Does Not Belong

I read the below article and thought is was worth bringing up. I LOVE Flash but flash has it’s proper uses and this article explains those uses. We all need to embrace these items and come up inventive ways to adhere to it.

Written by Samuel in Website Building

It’s recently occurred to me that I’ve been doing Flash sites now for 10 years and have seen it come a long way since Flash 4, where I first cut my teeth on Actionscript, tweening, and pixel fonts. Over the years, I’ve seen and done many projects, some of which utilized Flash in very useful ways, while others had no business using it. Sometimes, a Flash implementation hurt the company, detracted from the site’s purpose, and had poor results (all the while costing them more to build the site in the frst place). So in a world where too many companies want Flash websites and too few designers use Flash very well, here is a brief list of places that Flash currently does not belong (with very few exceptions):

(Via wakeuplater.com.)

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