Texteditors – Uncluttered, Unbloated and Free.

Bloated text editors are a dime a dozen. That is if the dime is large made of gold and has a street value of around 200.00 dollars. They rhyme with Microsoft Word, Star Office and does anyone still use Word Perfect?

There is plenty of room for less. Less bloated features, less convoluted interfaces and less menus that stretch the length of the screen. Microsoft Word has so many features and at times it seems that one must have the patience of Job just to wait for Word to open.

Here are a few text editors for your Mac that are easy on your system resources and your wallet.

1. Text Edit – Cost: Free
Included with your mac.

2. Bean – Cost: Free

Bean is my personal favorite is has the look and feel of a word processor without all the bloat. Saves in .RTF which holds my formating and everyone can read regardless of platform or program.

3. TextWrangler 2 – Cost: Free
Think for TextWrangler 2 as BB-Edits little brother. It possesses most of bb-edit’s general text editing capability and non for the advanced features. But hey it’s a free download!

4. Smultron 3.5 – Cost: Free
Smultron is a free text editor for Mac OS X. It seems to be geared toward web programming, script editing, making a to do list and so on.


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