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One of the latest trends in Mac Software is the bundling of applications for sale. Many an application, not made by apple, has been included on new macs over the years. I remember Nanosaur, Quicken NUE, Art Director toolkit among others. But now the software developers are are doing it with other parties outside of Apple. They have had various levels of success and controversy.

Well I have finally taken the Bundle plunge and I’m quite happy with the decision. The popular mac software site has a bundle at This bundle includes:

Parallels Desktop 3.0.5584 – A popular virtualization software allowing you to run Windows or Linux on your Intel based mac.

BannerZest 1.0.2 – Is iDVD for flash banners. Simply Drag and drop your pictures into the app, choose a theme and output.

Sound Studio 3.5.5 – An excellent audio editor.

Leap 1.0.4 – Is a spotlight search app with tons of features.

DVDRemaster Pro 4.3.2 – A DVD ripping an converting app.

MenuCalendarClock 3.1.2 – Menu bar app that combines calendar and to-do features

Hazel 2.1.5 – Is a maid for your mac. You set up rules for what needs to be done with your files.

StoryMill 3.0.2 – Story organizer for writers

Art Text 1.2.5 – This is a logo creator for Mac. It reminds me of Typestyler on MAC OS 9.

Typinator 3.0 – Allows you to set up macro shortcuts to reduce your need for repetitive typing.

The bundle is $64.99 and should be available for 4 more days.
They have reached their goal and all the apps to be unlocked.

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