Super Duper to the Rescue!

During the time you have your Mac there will be times that things will go wrong. Sometimes you’ll cause it, like say repartitioning your hard drive with Boot Camp. Apple’s application for taking a section of your Macs internal hard drive and installing Microsoft Windows on it. Say your in the middle of the process and your Mac kernel panics. For those who haven’t seen this happen it’s a lovely process where in a dark translucent curtain falls over your macs desktop and a large restart button appears on the middle of the screen with instructions saying that well “Your Screwed!” Please Reboot.

Now in most cases of a kernel panic you would just lose the unsaved data in open applications. But in my case the computer was in the middle of a process that effects how the hard drive stores my data. Making all the data inaccessible.

There is an old geek saying

There are two kinds of people:
1. Those who have lost data.
2. Those who haven’t lost data yet.

Enter Super Duper! from Shirt Pocket Software.

Super Duper from Shirt Pocket SoftwareSuper Duper does one thing very well, it makes a bootable image of your hard drive. Before my Boot Camp mishap, I had remembered Andy Ihnatko talking about this program. So I happened to download it and make a disk image to an external drive. In it’s unregistered mode you can take a snap shot of your hard drive and if things go wrong and you have to reinstall your system. You can mount the image and drag the information over to your home directory for free. Its real timesaving power is when you purchase the software. Registered you can transfer the image back to your hard drive. It’s like nothing ever happened. Your documents, applications and settings all restored. I don’t know, you may like rebuilding you computer. Installing your software from CD, downloading shareware from the net and re-entering usernames and passwords. Now if all that sounds good to you. You have way to much free time. If your like me and earn money with your computer and have clients that expect results at broadband speed. Super Duper will sound good to you and when you actually need it. You will think that it was the fire Prometheus stole from the Gods and gave to Mac users.

Some of its other features include “Smart Update” Which is ability to update the disc image with only the changed files cutting down backup times.

The interface is simple. When the application is working it tells you what is happening in plan english.

In closing. I have to say that it was the best $27.95 i’ve ever spent. In time lost, in peace of mind. I don’t think you can beat it.

Super Duper! is available from Shirt Pocket Software for $27.95

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