iPhone touchscreen failure

Apple iPhone (off).pngUpdated See Below

After lunch last week I took out my trusty iPhone to make a call and could not get it to unlock. Having used it an hour earlier with zero problems. I cocked an eyebrow and thought for a moment.  A software lockup? Could be.  So I rebooted the phone.  The phone rebooted just fine until the unlock screen came up to the same problem. I tried cutting the phone off but couldn’t get past the lack of touch screen.  I went to Apple’s website and went through their trouble shooting  suggestions  finally restoring the phone. Which resets the phone to the factory settings while deleting all personal data.  Still no touch screen. There were no problems prior to this at all. No dead spots on the screen. No lockups. After  scratching  my head and  mumbling  “Well Crap” to myself. I went to the concierge  in the retail section Apple’s website and made a  appointment. A few hours later the local Apple store’s  Genius and I  were joking about how small a problem like  loosing  the use of the entire touch screen was. We had a laugh as he played with it. Yep it’s Dead! Was the response. Then out came the loner phone after a quick simcard swap I was backup and running. After a sync I was completely back in business. five to seven business days to get it fixed.

Five days later I go to the Fed-Ex package facility to pick up my fixed iPhone. The lady behind the counter takes my package number and vanishes to the back to retrieve it. She looks down at it and asks if this iPhone is mine. I say yes and she pokes fun/evny at me saying “aren’t you special”. We laugh and I tell her about the price drop and she should go get one. She looks at me and says she may but maybe after the next version comes out. I say that I’ve not heard of many problems with them. She says that Apple has had a lot problems with them and she’ll wait a while. I responded “Really, I read a lot of Apple and iPhone news and really haven’t heard anything that would lead me to that conclusion.” I ask her how could she know that? She responds “Honey, look where I work!” I was laughing all the way to the car.

Updated: After looking over my documentation on my iPhone purchase and the information screen on my iPhone after repairs it seems my fixed iPhone is in fact a different iPhone all together.